#MaskholeClapback Coloring Contest for Grownups & Black Sheep T-Shirt Giveaway

#MaskholeClapback Coloring Contest for Grownups & Black Sheep T-Shirt Giveaway

Here's your latest #MaskholeClapback coloring sheet in the header of this post. I invite you to grab some crayons or colored pencils, print the picture (designed by Twitter’s very talented @KCooperHinton), and color away. If you don't have access to a printer or prefer working on a computer or your phone, digital coloring apps are fine to use too.

Mental health experts sing the praises of coloring for adults, like in this post from Mayo Clinic Health summarizing the mindfulness and meditative benefits. Coloring has a magical way of giving people the means to detach from stress while focusing on being present and engaged in a creative activity. If it brings you a laugh or gives you even a minute of respite from the stress we’re living through, it’s a minute well spent.

If you want to share your finished picture on Twitter or Bluesky, add the hashtag #ClapbackInColor. I’ll do a drawing on Monday, May 13 for everyone who shared their colored page, and will give away a couple of Masked Black Sheep tees to the winners (to be sent via DM as an e-gift card to Bonfire.com so you can pick out your preferred style and color). Anyone, anywhere is welcome to color and post.

If you’d rather skip the coloring festivities and get your own Masked Black Sheep tee, you can use promo code BLACKSHEEP for 15% off. I’ve been cashing in the commissions from tee sales for gift cards and doing giveaways on Covid-Conscious Twitter/Bluesky just to spread a little joy and give something back to these amazing communities. I plan to keep doing that as long as people keep ordering them. 

Or until the CDC bans them because they have masks on them.

Cheers and happy coloring!

In good humor and solidarity,

Guiness Pig

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