Who the hell is Guiness Pig

Guiness Pig is nobody you know. Just some mediocre comedian and writer living in the southeast US who is watching the decline of man in real time and tweeting about it. G-Pig was infected with Covid-19 in the fall of 2022 thanks to a doctor's office that dropped masking as soon as that bullshit was allowed, and has been living with Long Covid since then.

Guiness has ADHD which is an asset for creative work, but a curse for things like housework, detail-orientated tasks, organizing stuff... and generally just avoids shit like that as much as possible. Neurodivergent folks will feel right at home here. For everyone else, expect some rambling and going off on tangents because chaos and creativity go hand in hand. Guiness Pig swears a lot, so if curse words make you clutch your pearls, this is not the site for you. You should close out your browser now and run away, screaming and flailing your hands in the air.

Guiness Pig is a pseudonym, which is a shame, because having that as an actual legal name would be cool as shit. G-Pig hopes to help you find something to laugh about every day, and hopefully feel a little less lonely as this fucking pandemic drags on like a dog with worms on a nice clean carpet.